Here at Because I am a Girl, we’re always on the look out for media that is girl-friendly. Wanna know some of our absolute favourite pro-girl sites? Well, you’re in luck ’cause today we feel like sharing!

Gender Across Borders: If you want real global girl news, look no further. This blog doesn’t shy away from the tough issues, like violence against women or racism.

Jezebel: When we want entertainment news, with a girl power twist, we head to Because while there is nothing wrong with wanting to talk about pop culture, it’s nice to have some news and gender analysis in there, too.

Young Feminist Wire: Sick of going hunting for news stories that talk about girls as world-changers? The Young Feminist Wire, brought to you by the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), helps us keep on top of news stories about girls and women taking action for our rights around the world!

Rookie: We can’t decide what we like best about Rookie. Is it that the monthly themes are so good? Or that the editor is a teen herself? Or that they stare issues like “girl hate” straight in the face? It’s all three, and much more. If you haven’t added Rookie to the lists of sites you read, you should!

Shameless: Gloria Steinem loves Shameless Magazine, and you will, too. This Canadian mag is “your regular dose of fresh feminism.” Check out their stories, from politics to playlists to crafting how-tos.

Hardly Magazine: Even though it’s got all the usual ladies mag topics like style and beauty, Hardly Magazine isn’t about creating cookie cutter teen girls – instead, they treat their readers like the thinking, creative individuals they are.

Still haven’t got your fill of fun girl-friendly media? Here are the runners up:

Where do you go for news and entertainment with a big dose of girl power?

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