We believe in a future where girls and boys have the same rights and responsibilities. Violence against women stands in the way of gender equality and this future we stand for. Plan has programs in countries around the world to help improve women’s rights, and put an end to the violence. In honour of yesterday’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, we’ll share three of those programs with you:

Ending early marriage and female genital cutting in Egypt: Early marriage and female genital cutting prevent girls from being in control of their own bodies and their own futures. As many as 91% of women aged 15 to 49 have been cut in Egypt, and in the area Plan works, 21% of girls under 15 are married. Plan is working with mothers, fathers, the community, and girls themselves make a difference in sexual health and gender equality.

Woman-friendly police stations: Children and Women’s Police Desks are now mandatory in every police station in Sri Lanka. Having these desks at every station helps make sure that issues facing children and women are given the attention they deserve. The police staff record and refer child abuse complaints, document violence against women, and create awareness programs. Plan has gotten involved to strengthen the program, including making the offices child-friendly and building the capacity of police to deal with children’s and women’s issues.

Confronting domestic violence: In the early years of her marriage, Radha, from southern Nepal, felt that it was normal for husbands to hit their wives as hers did. However, when a Plan-supported village development committee confrontrd Radha’s husband to talk to him about domestic violence and Radha’s rights, the violence stopped. Now, Radha has a leadership role in the same committee that ended the violence in her marriage, and she participates in interventions herself.

What does a future where girls and boys have the same rights and responsibilities look like to YOU?


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