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Over here at Because I am a Girl, 2012 was a year of celebrations.

First off, our parent organization Plan International celebrated its 75th Birthday! And together with girls and boys around the world we celebrated the very first International Day of the Girl.

These milestones got us thinking about life’s milestones for the nearly 84 million children we serve in 50 developing countries across Asia, Africa and the Americas. In 2012, Plan supported communities to help break the cycle of poverty starting with life’s first big milestone – birth – to the day when children become adults.

Journey of a child

Today, we’ve got some examples and some numbers to highlight Plan’s impact on children’s life milestones in 2012, from the perspective of a child! Also, don’t forget to check out our annual review.


  • My mother was cared for and healthy throughout her pregnancy: Last year the WATCH project in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Mali improved prenatal care and taught parents-to-be about safe pregnancies. We supported Daddies Clubs to help new fathers learn how to be active partners during pregnancy.
  • I was delivered with the help of a skilled birth attendant: Plan trained 239,785 health care workers around the world in 2012!
  • My birth was officially registered: Plan has built-in birth registration into many programs. Last year in Tanzania, for example, staff in health facilities were trained to complete the paper work for an official birth certificate each time a child is born.

Early years

  • My mother and I got excellent care from the instant of my birth: In 2012, Plan repaired or built 3,651 early childhood care centres!
  • We had access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities: Last year, Plan built 3,796 water points and reached 417,911 households to improve sanitation.
  • Every member of my family had enough nutritious food to eat: Through school meal and nutrition supplementation programs in Sierra Leone, El Salvador, Rwanda, Colombia, Zimbabwe and Niger last year, Plan helped to combat hunger and malnutrition.


  • I attended a good school regularly: Plan built or repaired 2153 schools in 2012! As well, 72,538 education workers – including teachers – received training.
  • I was protected from abuse, violence and exploitation: In 2012, 185,311 people were trained in child protection with Plan’s support. Plan Canada also kept working on a project in Colombia to help children affected by the country’s decade long civil war, supporting 200,000 boys and girls in 80 communities.

Growing up

  • I learned about sexual and reproductive health early on: For the last four years, Plan Canada has been working in Bangladesh to end child marriage and improve reproductive health by training 8,000 young people and 5,500 parents to be peer educators.
  • I received practical vocational training that helped me find work: In 2012, Plan provided 144,863 people with agricultural, vocational or business skills.
  • I learned how to manage money and invest in my business: Last year, 31,100 savings and loans groups and 5366 micro finance groups were supported by Plan.
  • I raised my voice and taught others to claim their rights: Part of Plan’s initiative to support conflict-affected youth in Colombia is getting them engaged in student government. Last year, youth groups got involved with local government and experienced the power of citizen engagement!

Tell us about an important milestone or achievement for YOU in 2012!!


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