We inherit a lot from our parents. Things like our eye and hair colour, or whether we are short and tall.   They also shape the way we see the world, and impact many of our life decisions.

Unfortunately, there’s another thing parents can pass on to their kids: poverty. It is very difficult to grow up and out of poverty if you were born into it.  Poverty can pull families in for generations … unless the cycle can be broken.

This is what that cycle can look like:

The Cycle of Poverty Plan Canada

The question is, how to we stop the cycle? Plan does it by investing in children. Here is how that helps:

Getting out of poverty has been compared to climbing a ladder: you can’t start to climb out unless you can get your foot onto that first rung. So, breaking the cycle of poverty means being empowered to take that first step. Plan’s work aims to give families that leg up.

 What do you think the first step is to ending the cycle of poverty for girls?

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  1. January 12, 2012  4:32 pm by Jo-Anne Reply

    Education and support

  2. January 12, 2012  6:21 pm by Anne Greenwood Reply

    It is so difficult to break this cycle. I strongly believe that it's through organizations like Plan, and others like it, that a family can get to that first step of breaking the cycle.

    Thanks for what you do Plan (and thanks for this post, Kate).

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