Here at Because I am a Girl, girls’ rights are a big deal. But what exactly do we mean when we talk about rights and what are girls’ rights specifically? Use this glossary to help wrap your head around what we mean when we talk about girls’ rights.

A right is something to which a person is entitled, legally or morally. It’s different from a privilege (an advantage that is enjoyed) or a responsibility (a duty or being accountable for something).

For example, education is a right. Going to school at a specialized private school is a privilege. Making sure you show up for class is a responsibility.

Freedoms are closely related to rights and are basically the freedom to exercise choice. Having freedom is “the condition of being free of restraints.”

Some examples are the freedom of movement, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.

Human Rights
Human rights are: “basic rights and freedoms that all people are entitled to regardless of nationality, sex, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, language or other status.”

Human rights…

Girls’ Rights
Girls’ rights are not different than human rights, but focusing on girls’ rights recognizes that girls should never be excluded from the same rights that others have. Girls’ rights are about equality and the freedom for girls to demand the same rights that are afforded to everyone else. Unfortunately, we are still on a mission to make sure that girls are able to access their rights on a daily basis around the world!

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  1. July 17, 2011  1:56 am by Jennifer Gait Reply

    I would also add the right not to be forced to marry. The righht to health subsumes the right to an adequate nutritious diet, clean water and air, and the right to to healthcare. when required,

    In some countries where female babies are killed (if this still happens) there is also the right to life.

  2. November 21, 2012  10:16 pm by Leonardo Reply

    Not sure if I am the first to post but I loved looking at your picretus. You look like you love motherhood and I know Linda loves those handsome little guys. I just want to know where did the years go?

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