Are you ready to make a BIG difference in the life of a girl in the developing world? This month we’re launching TWO awesome fundraising initiatives for girls’ education.

Get involved with one of these fundraisers to help educate the 66 million girls worldwide who are being denied the opportunity to go to school.

Help Erin Davis send 300 girls to school

Education is the key to unlocking girls’ full potential. Scholarships are one of the most powerful gifts you can give girls in the developing world to end the cycle of poverty.

Radio host, mother, and one of four daughters, Erin Davis understands the power of education and supports the goal to send 300 girls in the developing world to school by providing them with scholarships. Plan Canada’s scholarships cover tuition and supplies.

A scholarship is about more than changing the life of one girl. It’s about changing her destiny — and the destinies of those around her.

By providing a scholarship, you’re helping her see that marriage and early motherhood aren’t her only options. Her future can then open up wide in front of her, and she will be able to help inspire her sisters, her brothers and others in her community.

Join Erin. Donate a scholarship.

By helping one girl change the direction of her life, you’ll be touching the lives of so many others. It’s a circle of change that you can help create.

Host a Good Reads, Good Deeds Book Swap

Are you a book lover? Would you rather curl up on the couch with a good book than spend a night on the town?

This year’s hottest literary event can be held in your very own living room!

The Good Reads, Good Deeds Book Swap is an easy and fun way to get involved, and raise awareness and donations for Because I am a Girl. Here are some tips to help you organize your reading for a cause event!

Step 1: Decide on a day, time and place to hold your event.

Step 2: Set a personal fundraising goal.

Step 3: Download our kit with all the supplies you need to promote your event. Put up a poster in your office and send invites to all your guests.

Step 4: Scope out your bookshelves for books you’re willing to part with, and ask your friends to do the same. Get them to drop them off ahead of the event.

Step 5: Decide on how much you would like to charge for the books and magazines. Then fill in the price poster and display in a highly visible place.

Step 6: On the day of your event, set up and get ready for your guests. Download our pledge form to record any donations you receive that are $25.00 and over.

Step 7: Send us your donations! Check out the Good Reads, Good Deeds Book Swap kit for more information about how to send us your contribution.

We’ve got a kit with all the details to help you get started:

Get your Book Swap Kit

 Together, we can help girls in the developing world reach their full potential!

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