Wow! We’re still recovering from the first International Day of the Girl last week. TONS of you joined in the celebrations. Here are just a few things that happened:

We made it to the news!  We had lots of great news coverage about the first International Day of the Girl, including this piece on CTV news. It features an event in Victoria where four mini-documentaries by members of the Because I am a Girl Speakers’ Bureau were screened to St. Margaret’s School, and speaks about our latest report.

We made it to Canada’s House of Commons! Members of Parliament from all parties spoke up in support of the Day of the Girl!  Minister for the Status of Women Rona Ambrose made a proud statement, as did Judy Sgro and Céline Hervieux-Payette. Rathika Sitsabaiesan (who we spoke to in the blog last year) also made a short speech in support of the day.

We had a ton of buzz on Twitter! Prime Minister Stephen Harper, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Queen Rania, Nelson Mandela, Canadian Olympians and more talked about the Day of the Girl on Twitter!

We turned the world PINK! The Pyramids in Egypt, Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, the Empire State Building, and the London Eye – just to name a few – were all ‘pinkified’ to commemorate Day of the Girl and the global launch of Plan’s Because I am a Girl initiative.

We celebrated in Dundas Square, Toronto! Our day-long event included a concert by our newest Celebrated Ambassador Alyssa Reid, a refreshing Pink LemonAid stand, an interactive art exhibit, and a Because I am a Girl pop-up-shop. We also had a Hands Up Photobooth, where we took fantastic pictures of supporters with their hands up for girls!

And YOU celebrated across Canada! Take some time to look through this inspiring gallery of community celebrations of Day of the Girl from Yellowknife to Montreal!

Lots of you told us on our Facebook Wall how YOU were celebrating the first International Day of the Girl:

  • Sangeetha said “By calling my mom first thing in the morning :)”
  • Natalie said “Signing up to be a tutor for Big Sisters!”
  • Heather said “My 8 yr old daughter discussed it at school, and my 5 yr old son handed out gingerbread girls at daycare!”
  • Kaitlin said “I told my Women’s and Gender studies class about today and we raised our hands in support, and I’m rockin the t-shirt!!”
  • Sydney said “I celebrating this day skating at a competion. Considering that this started out as a mans sport in the 1800’s. wonder what they would be saying now if they knew;)”
  • Leny said “By wearing a completely pink outfit! And letting everyone know why!”
  • Jacqueline said “I.AM.CelebratingGirlsEveryDay,Today,YesterdayandTomorrowToo!”

Tell us, how did YOU celebrate the International Day of the Girl!

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  1. October 20, 2012  10:59 pm by Gloria and Harper Getty Reply

    My 12-yr-old daughter and I decided to celebrate the 1st International Day of the Girl by becoming involved with Because I am a Girl. We had discussed the ads when we saw them on tv and then we looked around on their website a little, but we hadn't sat down together at the computer yet to decide on a commitment. It was just good luck that I happened to encounter two young women on the street wearing vests with the "Because" logo who were educating passersby and signing up some of them to sponsor a child. I signed up, arranging for the monthly payments to begin on my upcoming birthday (fate again!) but we left the country part blank so that my daughter and I could do that together--right now, actually!

    • October 29, 2012  12:11 am by katejongbloed Reply

      Great to hear about your involvement, Gloria and Harper! Welcome to the campaign!

      What country is your sponsored child from?

      - blogger Kate J.

  2. January 1, 2013  4:06 am by Marie Reply

    Proud to be a girl...... A Tom boy from birth and two wilful brothers. Suppressed to behave. Girls should be seen and not heard. Worked jobs fit for a guy. Then decided to re-educate in the field of computer networking in the 1990's not a girls field regardless how skilled I was. I turned to teaching. Took another degree in e-learning, developed and introduced a e-learning platform. My pay back was that the college employed a guy for this position. Final straw.... Room out a case for sexual discrimination and won. Move countries, now run a successful renovation contractor and property management company. Proud to be a woman.... I can finally be a woman walking and competing in a male's field and knocking their socks off.... Proud to be female. Don't give up if you do not find your success first , second or third time..... Keep striving to be the best you can, take pride in your work and achievements. You don't need publicity or praise.... Follow your heart and be proud. Most of all believe in yourself, don't settle for second best.... Or let other women or men put you down.... Stand tall and proud.

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